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So the last two weeks I have only been taking on a few sessions during the week because I have been doing a course online that's been requiring a lot of my time. I am so used to shooting everyday that I always end up dragging my kids downstairs and take their photo. My oldest is normally really good, listens to instructions well but he is 4 so I can only expect so much. My 2 year old can be very stubborn and has made photographing him pretty difficult the last 2 years. He doesn't listen to instructions well but has started to understand bribes. Haha. So I use his love for kinder eggs to my advantage. This has been helpful and has allowed me to get a few great shots of him. But my goal has always been to get a photo of my three babies, which includes our pug.

Prior to Gracie joining out family, we had Percy, he was my soul pet and I always wanted a nice shot of the three of them together but was never successful. Reid was too young back then and had no patience to entertain me in sitting and smiling. Photographing your own kids can be hard, I need to place them and by the time I run back to my camera, someone is already out of the frame. So I don't have any great photos of the three of them together. I really wish I hired someone else to do the photo, I have a few photos that I took of Percy at this 10th birthday and I treasure them.

Gracie the pug is normally too busy getting into trouble to stay still for a photo but Blake is one of her favourite people so I thought if he held her she might stay....and she DID! I captured this photo of the three of them last night and I am so happy with it. I am sending it off to print as a metal print for our house. Have you ever seen metal prints? LOVE them! So much better than canvas in my opinion.

And here's a few I captured a few days ago for Valentines. I was shocked at how well they cooperated so it gave me hope to get a basic photo that I could print for the wall. PS this also shows my new permanent wall that can be used as a backdrop, it'll be used for Easter. I love it.

And because I was talking about his sweet boy, here are the photos I have printed of Percy. I treasure these photos so much and so glad I have them.

#boys #pugs #smileforchocolate

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